In the year 2014, New Line imitation marble lines attack the unique position of natural marble in the field of decorative materials, if you only pay attention to “imitation”, you are quite wrong.

New Line imitation marble products have natural marble realistic decorative effect, while there are price advantages; it is a good solution to the shortcomings of natural marble. Compared with natural marble, New Line imitation marble has the following advantages:

  1. Wear resistance
    The main component of natural marble is calcium carbonate; natural marble Mohs hardness grade is only 3, it is easy to have abrasion in daily use. New Line imitation marble uses nano powder as material, the surface is made through the water transfer process, and it has a higher wear resistance.
  2. Low water absorption, high stain resistance
    Natural marble form from natural occurring in the earth’s crust, and therefore they can’t achieve high density as imitation marble, there are micro cracks in natural marble, its water absorption is 0.7% -1.0%, easily be polluted by water seepage. New Line imitation marble is made by mechanical pressure molding, high-density, water absorption =0.3%, not easy to absorb water, if there are stains, simply clean by wet cloth, simple and convenient.
  3. No color difference
    Natural marble generally have impurities, there are significant differences between their respective ore bit sometimes, including color, texture, quality, etc. Therefore, the color difference became uncontrollable factors. New Line imitation marble production are manufactured with advanced equipments, intelligence and staff double inspection and monitoring to ensure that the color number, almost no color difference, and have better decoration effect.
  4. Product supply stable
    As we all know, natural marble is a non-renewable resource, to protect our limited resource we recommend to use New Line imitation marble product instead of natural marble, and imitation marble supply can be guaranteed.
  5. Easy to install
    Natural marble cannot do seamless connection, there always large gap between two docking. New Line imitation marble are cut virtually no restrictions on any design shapes, styles in the production process, and they can easily be installed using adhesive, very convenient.
Product name marble effect wall decorative panel, marble wall tile, faux marble wall panel, wood effect wall panel
Material PVC rigid board + marble /wood design + UV coating + PE protective film
Specification 1220*2440*3.8mm/5mm/6mm (width *length *thickness) can easily be cut to any size
Finished Polished, Matte etc.
Colors Dark Emperador Light emperador Crema Marfil Bianco Carrara, Volakas Sunny Beige Galala beige Botticino Classico Perlato Svevo, Rosso Antico Rosso Alicante Beige travertine Nero Marquina China Coffee White Jade White marble Crystal white Wooden Grain Yellow Fossil Grey Black Emperor gold Amber jade Red dragon jade Rose aurora Black gold flower
Quality Control 1.Thickness tolerance: 1mm; 2. Color difference control; 3. Polished degree: more than 90; 4. Strictly QC piece by piece before packed
Certificate ISO9001, SGS, ROHS
Advantages 1. Looks great
2. High scratch resistance
3. Quick and Easy to install, only need glue to install
4. Exceptionally easy to clean and maintain
5. Contains no toxic, chemicals or preservatives
6. 100% waterproof, fire retardant, cold-resistant, heat-resistant
8. Environmentally friendly—Green and environmental product with zero formaldehyde, zero radiation, can be recycled and pollution-free